Plan of Approach; Salmonella: the first field results

At the LIV in Venray, that took place in February of this year, Daavision launched its Plan of Approach: Salmonella. Since February more and more farm managers have contacted Daavision and its partners about this plan.

Even the German slaughterhouse Westfleish is now using Daavisions Salmonella protocol at some of the cooperating pigfarms. Time for an update!

All blood samples from the first and second sampling were gathered at the participating farms. They were all analysed and documented. Results do show that at least 80% of the participating farms improved their salmonella status, the OD values did drop considerably. It means that these farms do get less total points per trimester. Which leads to a lower category level.

Of course we wrote a more extensive report of the results, would you like to receive this report? Then please contact us via +31 412 405 760 of