DaaCare®Piglet: The best care for the newborn piglet

The number of piglets per litter has increased considerably in recent years. Genetic progress and good quality feed has enabled a sow to farrow more piglets then a few years ago. Still, it is essential that all newborn piglets start ingesting colostrum as early as possible. Very limited fat reserves and no antibodies makes them susceptible to germs. Colostrum contains the nutrients that are necessary for maintaining body temperature, keeping the animal active and promoting growth. An adequate source of good quality colostrum is therefore vital.

To help boost piglet vitality, particularly for those at the lower end of the vitality spectrum, Daavision developed DaaCare®Piglet. DaaCare®Piglet is a dry acid mixture made out of lauric acid (C12; medium chain fatty acid), glycerol monolaurate 90, short chain organic acids and Saponins.
Prior to the market introduction, DaaCare®Piglet has been extensively tested in practice. The influence of DaaCare®Piglet on the following aspects was examined:
1. The proportion of lauric acid in the colostrum;
2. The immune system of the newborn piglets;
3. The homogeneity of the colostrum intake within a litter.

Vital newborn piglets easily find their way to the udder and have enough strength to drink colostrum. Physiologically a pig responds in a similar manner as a human. Human breast milk naturally contains a proportion of lauric acid. From literature it is known that C12 is passed via the mother’s milk to the child. Making the child more resistant against bacteria. The proportion of C12 can be increased considerably if fatty acids are added to the diet of the mother.

The main focus of the research preliminary to market introduction of the DaaCare®Piglet was: piglet vitality and providing support to the the immune system. The research of the DaaCare®Piglet is available on request. Please contact: for more information.