Daafit® Aqua

Gram-positive bacteria such as streptococci, staphylococci and clostridia cause considerable damage. Damage to health of the animal and financial losses for the farmer.

Because of the thick cell wall gram-positive bacteria are not susceptible to short chain fatty acids. Antibiotics often serves as a resource. However, the use of antibiotics is required to decline and an alternative solution is needed.


Daafit contains lauric acid and glycerol monolaurate (GML90). Daavision is the first to succeed in producing a pure liquid form of lauric acid from coconut and palm kernel oil. Lauric acid is a natural medium-chain fatty acid. Medium chain fatty acids tear down  the thick cell wall of gram-positive bacteria. The antibacterial function of GML90 reinforces this process.


  • Contains lauric acid and glycerol monolaurate
  • Supports the fight against gram-positive bacteria
  • Applicable in drinking water


  • Reduces bacterial force of infection, making antibiotic reduction possible
  • Supports young animals in developing their active resistance