DaaCare Piglet

The number of piglets born per sow have increased considerably in recent years. Still, it is es-sential that all newborn piglets start ingesting colostrum as early as possible. Piglets are born with very limited fat reserves and no antibodies. Colostrum contains the antibodies they need for protection against the pathogens in their environment.

It is often difficult to distribute colostrum evenly throughout a litter. That means the less vital piglets sometimes have difficulty getting sufficient colostrum. The number of less vital piglets may increase, leading to greater variation in vitality within a litter.


DaaCare Piglet helps boost piglet vitality, particularly for those at the lower end of the vitality spectrum. DaaCare Piglet is a dry acid mixture made out of lauric acid, GML90, short chain organic acids and Saponins.  Lauric acid is known for its strong anti-bacterial effect against Gram-positive bacteria, such as Clostridia, Staphylococci and Streptococci. Supplements with Saponins are also known to reduce numbers of stillborn piglets.


  • Contains lauric acid, glycerol monolaurate and saponins
  • Applicable through the compound feed
  • Supports the fight against gram-positive and -negative bacteria


  • Strengthens the resistance (IgG – antibody) of lightweight and medium-weight piglets
  • Ensures more homogeneous colostrum intake throughout the litter
  • Increases levels of C12 (lauric acid) in the colostrum and milk