Tönnies cuts down category 3 pigs

Slaughtering pigs that are in category 3 is more expensive for the slaughterhouses. As they are forced to take additional security measures and deploy a special logistics. For that reason Dutch slaughterhouses will only slaughter pigs from category 3 at the end of the week. Due to pressure and resistance of the pig farmers and other stakeholders Tönnies decided to halve the cut down to 1,5 Eurocent per kilogram.

Many piglets are exported from the Netherlands to Germany and in this way many Dutch pigfarmes will be dealing with the cut down directly or indirectly. Therefore it is advisable to handle the Salmonella status at a farm in order to stay in control of Salmonella. As buyers of piglets will become even more critical to the Salmonella status. After all this is the starting point for the fattening pig farmer.

Source: Varkens | Tönnies kort varkens met salmonella 3 status | 30 januari 2015
Pig Business | Tönnies: Salmonella III varkens €3 korten | 13 januari 2015