Daavision opens FCU production line at its factory in Oss

Following an intensive construction period the Netherlands-based specialty additives manufacturer Daavision opened its optimized fourth production line at its Oss facility. A specifically designed Fat Crystallization Unit was installed at Daavision and is unique within the industry.

The extension of the Oss factory is part of Daavisions long-term growth  strategy,” said CEO Henri Peijnenburg. “The specialty additives industry is quickly evolving. In the last  years  Daavision  has  seen  a  shift  towards  MCFA-based  products,  like  our  Daafit  product  range.  By optimizing and extending our production lines, we are able to create new innovative solutions with MCFAs.”

Daavision is the first specialty additives manufacturer within the industry to install a FCU at its facility. The new production line enables Daavision to spray freeze new combinations of products with a strong focus on fatty acids like C12.

The FCU ensures that the liquid mixture is evenly distributed through the production line. This results into a high quality semi finished powder product. Every granulate contains an even amount of the liquid mixture that is spray freezed.” explained Operations Manager Arjan de Ruyter. Together with his operational team De Ruyter coordinated the installation of the FCU.

During the installation and testing phase our operators worked together with Daavisions Innovation team. Their main focus was laid on creating the optimal production parameters, so that a constant and high quality powder is guaranteed. Their efforts paid off, as we are now able to produce a free flowing powder that can be incorporated in different product ranges of Daavision,” De Ruyter concludes.