DaaLF® Plus ensures liquid feed quality

Almost 10.000 fattening pigs are located at the farm of the Van Leeuwen family in Nederweert-Eind the Netherlands. Daily the pigs eat a self made liquid feed ration that consist of CCM, bread, whey, potato peels, wheat yeast concentrate, several dry components and of course additional finished feed with vitamins and minerals. A mixture whose quality is ensured with DaaLF Plus of Daavision.

Yeasts under control

“Since we are using this product we have the formation of yeasts under control”, Arjan van Leeuwen explains. According to the farmer the unique organic acid mixture enhances the quality of the liquid feed. Leading to better technical and financial results. “In particular, the high proportion of benzoic acid and the safety of the product appealed to us’, Van Leeuwen continues. “This product is safe to use and the pigs perform very well.”

Showroom ‘Ons Boerenerf’ (Our Barnyard)

Besides their work on the pig farm the Van Leeuwen family tries to dispel the ignorance about the pig industry via their showroom “Ons Boerenerf”. The showroom gives both the citizens and fellow pig farmers more insight into the daily routine of the family business. In the showroom visitors can take a look behind the scenes of a pig farm. During several information sessions at the showroom pig farmers and companies within the industry have the opportunity to share their knowledge. Van Leeuwen: “Our showroom is a great opportunity to accomplish more cooperation and knowledge sharing within the Dutch pig industry.”