About Daavision

Production and Quality

As production is carried out from start to finish in our own plant and with the latest technology, Daavision has found the optimum balance between flexibility and automation. Food safety, the environment and quality requirements are always taken into consideration.


Our main objective remains meeting the most relevant wishes of our clients: utmost reliability with respect to delivery, constant quality and flexibility because of the continually changing demands. Complying with market requirements and the possibility to continually adapting our production process, Daavision is not only flexible where production is concerned, but is also very adaptable with respect to filling and bagging wishes of our clients.


As a company approved by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) Daavision is bound to comply with the requirements. This means that Daavision is inspected at least twice a year by the NVWA. In this way the Authority guarantees that Daavision remains working in accordance with their requirements for maximum feed safety. In addition Daavision also GMP+ certified, a QS scheme participant and an approved supplier to TrustFeed.

All raw materials that are received by Daavision are analysed extensively. Only after release by the quality control employee the approved raw materials are allowed to be unloaded. Samples are taken of every finished product after completion of a production run. Subsequently, the samples are analysed and after release they are sealed and stored.


As all incoming raw materials and dispatched products are numbered with an unique batchnumber, they can easily be tracked. This enables Daavision to track the origin of all raw materials and their addressees. The data is stored in our automated production system. As a result of this, the track and trace can be performed rapidly. In that way the output falls within the four hours, required by feed legislation.