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Piglet vitality: DaaCare Piglet

Piglet vitality: DaaCare Piglet

Daavision has developed a new product: DaaCare Piglet. DaaCare Piglet helps boost piglet vitality, particularly for those at the lower end of the vitality spectrum.

DaaCare Piglet is a dry acid mixture made out of lauric acid, GML90, short chain organic acids and Saponins.

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(Un)wanted fungi!

(Un)wanted fungi!

The soil-borne fungi Fusarium produces the mycotoxins DON and ZEA. These mycotoxins can negatively affect animal health. But not all soil-borne fungi are harmful, for example the mycorrhiza. A root fungus that forms a symbiotic association with plant roots.

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"With the DaaLF Plus from Daavision we keep the quality of our liquid feed at a high level. This contributes to the growth and health of our pigs."

Arjan van Leeuwen, pig farmer, Nederweert-Eind, the Netherlands

"By dosing the Daafit Aqua of Daavision I keep my pigs healthy. In this way I need less antibiotics and have better results. "

Chrit Bertjens, pig farmer, Swalmen, the Netherlands
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"Providing the most innovative solutions that contribute to animal health and food safety."

Ejal Heijman, Director Daavision